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OS'Over, and over to Hanbury

#hertsopenstudios is done and dusted for another year. Good fun with my arty compadres Mike Rollins, Dawn dominic and Lucy Sugden. Baldock Town Hall was certainly a good venue for showing work, and my colleagues used the space quite nicely for teaching workshops.

Was it worth the effort being a bit away from hometown?

Well, we got some interesting people in either just to browse and appreciate. And sales kicked in.

Sold nothing off the wall, but sold prints from the browser, had requests for prints of paintings shown. A painting from my website has given a new home to a lovely lady who viewed the show, and received a commission for the biggest canvas ever....for the most reward §;-)

Hanbury Manor Private View

Spent a lovely evening as an artist guest of #Couryardarts and #hanburymanorhotel on 3rd October for the official launch of a collaborative ongoing show. Lots of artists showing work the amazing Manor house Rooms and libraries etc. I personally had 3 pieces in there....until one large piece (MellowMex) found a new home recently, Straight in there with a replacement while the space was still empty.

Wonderful to view artwork in such lavish and beautiful settings

Skin Phizz. New home from the OS exhibition

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