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Paul Hillary was born in Carlisle, Cumbria, educated in Cumbria before studying Graphic design at Kingston University where he attained an Honours degree. Paul has always been drawn to the moods and atmospheres created by the elements on land and sea and the effect it has on colours. He has had numerous exhibitions in the home counties of England aswell as Gloucestershire.

While working as a Graphic Designer around London Paul has taken time out to travel extensively in Africa, Australia, America and Thailand sketching and painting on his travels. He is married to Juliet and has two boys, Joe and Reef with a support crew of Marra the Lakie, Moose the working Cocker and Pearl the black and white cat. In his home town in Herts Paul was awarded a 22 artwork Corporate commission for a Global Pharmaceutical Company which are still on display in their HQ near London.

Over recent years the acylics, oils and sketches have been inspired by stays on islands around the United Kingdom including the Channel Islands and the Hebrides in Scotland. He paints in his studio in Hertfordshire, England.

Paul is constantly exploring with technique, colourways and texture in his art and photography, constantly capturing abstract images of old stressed skips, textures in nature and abstract colour combinations in what he sees. Themes from these observations are constantly translated onto his artworks in an abstract or semi-abstract way.


Paul's painting approach

A lot of my paintings evolve from quick sketches I do with soft pastels with overlays of pen and acrylic where needed. Love the way you can achieve blocks of blended colour and vibrant overlayed spot colours. I occasionally take a photo of a work in progress, print it and work over in pastels just to try a few options.I find it saves a lot of hesitation if I'm not quite sure what's needed colour or composition wise. Other times I lay down base colours and textures with acrylic paint and structure gels and pastes.


Then work over in oilpaints and simply see where my imagination, shapes and texture take the composition, and subject matter for that matter.. I force myself to do plien air location painting. It can be frustrating but really does make you work faster and create shorthands. It also plants so many ideas and inspirations in your head for studio work."

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