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Ocean Wilderness... in the new studio

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Finally got 'Ocean Wilderness' to a state where I'm happy to hang on my studio wall. At 182cm wide it was a different format to what I'm used to. I've painted a few panoramics....just not this wide. As sometimes the case, this painting has emerged in stages. Painting. Leaving it. Then revisiting it. Each time getting looser and adding more dynamicism to the piece. On box canvas, I worked the underlayers in washes of acrylic and medium over stippled polyfilla and structure gel. Then acrylic, mainly with palette knife. Then finally oilpaint with heavy medium, applied with brush and fingers.

Detail of painting

Loving the new studio I built in the garden in WGC. Actually finished it last november to a state where I could move in, but lots of work to do with split level decking around the outside, and making VERY tall and heavy duty raised gardens for the 'better half'. Some interesting plants coming through in the 'mixed wildflower collection' she has emerging. Some very ganja like leaves showing, which she claims are hemp.....

Then when Covid 19 lockdown kicked in I did loads of building works and renovation round the house and garden...instead of painting. But well and truly back into painting mode now §;-)

New studio and fancy raised decking

Currently putting picture rails together in the studio with a DIY hanging system with adjustable hooks. Skin-flint I know, but the systems were going to cost a sh_t load more.

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